YouYou Contemporary Art Center is probably one of the most visited art spaces for contemporary art in Guangzhou. For example, the GL2 exhibition of large scale photographs and art videos had more than 12000 visitors during its three weeks duration.

In the fall of 2012 and with the start of Guangzhou Live 3, the YYCAC will take on a new direction with a regular program of high level international and chinese contemporary art. It will have a new café and a digital image equipment for a high-end presentation of new media work.  In spring 2013 the YYCAC further plans to open an artist in residence program open for new media artists.

Situated on the central square, the YYCAC is located in the former official ceremony and meeting hall of the Xiaozhou village. Its history and use is still present through quotations of Mao Zedong on its walls. It is a venue with a strong historical heritage having witnessed the evolution of New China since the building was constructed in 1959.

The energy and the atmosphere of the space itself is quite unique in this sense, and the art centre will preserve the authenticity of the space. While blending it with a high-tech infrastructure and a cutting-edge art program.  As a historic space for meetings of the local community, presenting music and dance performances of different kinds, the YYCAC is proud and pleased to continue to cooperate with the local community in presenting  Cantonese Opera and other cultural events as a part of its dedicated community program.

Starting with Guangzhou Live in the end of November the YYCAC will start a brand new exhibition program with leading Chinese and international artists working in different artistic media, from conceptual art, action art, sound art, digital photography, digital installations, internet or for that matter, video art. The YYCAC will also have a regular film program realized in collaboration with different partner institutions. It will also showcase a live action art program regularly during the year

Being an art centre located in a geuine artist village with approximately 6000 art students, 1000 artists and 4000 villagers, and with thousands of tourists visiting the village, the YouYou Contemporary Art Centre has a a natural audience, and of course  also a responsability and a mission.

Located in the vicinities of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, and the University Mega Center with its 200 000 students makes it a natural meeting place for future generations of artists and art professionals. It is our belief that the YouYou Contemporary Art Centre have a role to play on the art scene of Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta.

The 2013 program of the YYCAC will be presented in November 2012 on the contemporary art centre’s website www.yycac.com and in the media.

YouYou Contemporary Art Centre. Xiaozhou cun. Guangzhou.


Liu Wei. China. at the YouYou Contemporary Art Centre. Xiaozhou cun. Guangzhou Live 2. 2011. © Guangzhou Live.


Huang Rui. China. I-Ching. at the YouYou Contemporary Art Centre. Xiaozhou cun. Guangzhou Live 2. 2011. © Guangzhou Live.


Roddy Hunter. United Kingdom. Opium Debt. at the YouYou Contemporary Art Centre. Xiaozhou cun. Guangzhou Live 2. 2011. © Guangzhou Live.