The mission of Guangzhou Live is to develop a sustainable, and well communicated, platform for action art as an experimental and avant-garde art media in China and Asia.

One objective is to develop a recurrent event that will promote Guangzhou as a vital regional center of contemporary art showing the most exciting and innovative of the avant-garde of contemporary art : action art. It is our intention to generate a fertile ground for the new, for innovation, experimentation, and cutting-edge contemporary art.

Guangzhou Live will also develop a pro-active collaboration and exchange between international and Chinese organisers and artists in the field of action art. It is our intention to initiate a flux of exchange between China, Asia and Europe in this particular field of contemporary art.

Action art is an art media that in recent years have seen a growing number of festivals being initiated in the world. Moreover, the number of artists working in this historically quite recent art form is steadily growing, especially in what concerns artists of a younger generation. This signifies to us that action art is an art of the future, with a new generation coming. We believe that it is an art expression that can only develop and expand in its search for the essence of art and of our own existence.

Lee Wen. Journey of a yellow man no.16: southern man, northern exposure. Copenhagen City Square, "Made in China", Louisiana Museum of Art, Denmark. 25 May 2007.