Guangzhou Live showcases performance art specifically realized in the public space that belongs to all of us. We are all using it daily, and as everyone have access to it, it is a place to which we all belong in one sense or another regardless of social background, gender, education or for that matter economic situtation. It is our common ground.

For all these reasons public space is an open place that through its existence can be used to promote a cultural democracy where everyone can be given access to contemporary art. This is what we are doing in an ideological will to give everyone the possibility to experience the liberating qualities inherent in performance art.

Welcome to discover the works at Common Ground which will take place on the square in front of Xiaozhou cun’s Li Tang and around the market hall.  

Sunday December 7. 10:00-12:00 am. This specific event will  showcase the artists invited to Guangzhou Live.