• ZHANG Binbin, China

ZHANG Binbin, China

Lives and works in Beijing.

It is significant to find out that all forms of arts is of single dimensionality compared with the fertility of human beings which is the soul of universe. Human body is living sculpture, emotional painting, breathing music. And PEOPLE themselves, is the most perfect works of art which contains the natural consistency of signifier and the signified of artistic forms. Therefore, the human body itself might be a more direct access way to the central space of art, which is the brand new realm that blends the direct expression and beyond expression.

Zhang Binbin. To Add a Meter to an Anonymous Mountain 《为无名山增高一米》. Beijing 1995. (together with 王世华 Wang Shihua, 苍鑫 Cang Xin, 高炀 Gao Yang, 祖咒 Zu Zhou, 马宗垠 Ma Zongyin, 张洹 Zhang Huan, 马六明 Ma Liuming, 段英楣梅 Duan Yingmei and    朱冥 Zhu Ming).