• LI Xinmo, China

LI Xinmo, China

Born in 1976 in Yuling County, Heilongjiang Province, China. Lives and works in Beijing.

Li Xinmo got her master’s degree from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts in 2008.  She served also as a Visiting Professor at the Tianjin Art Academy’s School of Modern Art. 

Li Xinmo has been one of the more vibrant contemporary Chinese women artists in recent years.  Her work deals with issues such as gender, ethnicity, the environment, and national politics.  She works primarily in video and performance art.  Her works have a strong sense of immediacy.  They are visually powerful and emotionally shocking. She takes the idea, “I am the Other (all living creatures),” as the starting point of her creation.  She has previously stated, “ I open my body and let them see my own pain.”  Her works often deal with suffering and death, and they have strong overtones of ritual and tragedy.  Li Xinmo is also a feminist theorist, maintaining the post-feminist artistic view that women artists need to move beyond gender and focus, not just on their bodies, but on the existence of the larger world.  She puts her theory into practice through her art. 

For further reading of Li Xinmo please visit li-xinmo.com


January     “I want to Breathe” Solo Exhibition by Li Xinmo, Juhua Space, Shanghai ,China
April          “Breath” Major Exhibition, Shandong  Museum,Shandong,China

August         Major Exhibition of Young Artists, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai ,China
September   Exhibition of International Contemporary Art, Beijing Sunshine  Art Gallery ,Beijing  ,China
October       Beijing Dadao Live Arts Festival,Yu Gallery, Beijing
November    Participant in an Italian Video Art Performance, Yuanfen Gallery,Beijing
December    21st Century Invitational Ink- Painting Exhibition, Art  Museum of China , Beijing

January      “Chinese Sickmen”  exhibition  ,Art   Next  Gallery  , New York
February   Great Works of Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition, China, Central ,Place, Beijing
July           “Changing Directions and Interconnections” Contemporary Ink Painting  Exhibition,Huantie Time  Art Museum, Beijing, China
August       Xi’an International Contemporary Art Fair Participant , Xi’an Art Museum,Xi’an ,China
December   Collaboration—Contemporary Works of Video and Performance Art  Exhibition  ,Beijing

January      Solo Exhibition by Li  Xinmo, Tianjin  Museum
April           An Archive of Contemporary Video Art in 2010, Songzhuang Art Center, Beijing
May            “Oaths of Love” Photography Exhibition  ,Wenjin  International Gallery,Beijing.                         

October        Solo  Exhibition  by  Li  Xinmo, Tense  Space,Beijing
November    “Li  Xinmo + Qingshuihuimei“  Performance  Art   Exhibition, Dingshun  Contemporary  Art  Space ,Beijing

January      UN  Forbidden  City   , Macro.  Rome
January     “ 100  Anniversary  Of  Chinese  Ink-Painting”   Exhibition ,  Louvre  , France
March       “Bald  Girls  Exhibition  of  Xiaolu  Lixinmo  and  Lanjing”    Iberia  Center  for  Contemperary  Art  ,Beijing  ,China

April     “Secret Love”Exhibition , National Museums of World Cultur, Gothenburg, Sweden
May     “Bold-girls: a door”  Zajialab  Beijing

April  “Bald Girls- Timelag”Exhibition,Frauenmuseum,
July    “Bald Girls- Pink Solution”  Exhibition,  LIA Colombia.

Li Xinmo. Landscape Painted in the Water. 2011