• Katri KAINULAINEN, Finland

Katri KAINULAINEN, Finland

Born in 1978, lives and works in Helsinki, Finland

Katri Kainulainen is a second generation performance artist who lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. Her performances combine humor and flirt with issues of society. She is also active as a curator and organizer of performance art events. Kainulainen has shown her work at performance art festivals both in Finland and internationally: Latest performances at Live Action Sweden in Gothenburg, Performance Art Links (PALS) in Stockholm, TONIGHT in Helsinki, Infr´action festivals in France and in Italy.

Dissociative behaviour is an essential source of inspiration and distraction for me at the moment. I have my focus on personal emergency situations of all kind. Where I stand right now, is a state, where the only place to call for help is a Do It Yourself- Emergency Response Centre.

Watch out, some one will pick up the phone. It´s for real emergency cases, only.

Katri Kainulainen. Live Action 9. Gothenburg 2014. © Live Action.