• FENG Weidong, China

FENG Weidong, China

Born in 1969, lives and works in Beijing.

"Art, Do I Love!

In my whole life, I’ve been loving so many worlds that actually I cannot deal with all of them. Rights-talk is sunk in the standardized, unnatural and mask-like expressions as well as the greedy vanity fair, that I doubt its’ knowledge biologically. In the life-death process of species and reality drifts multi-layers of information and eternal light all the time. Normally my body is a life under photosynthesis, at this moment! Then there may be just a thin line between beauty and ugliness deep in your mind; at this moment the mind is subverting the peace and communicating with yourself."

What are you?—a practitioner of body objectification.


A Brief Introduction to Feng Weidong’s Art – Liu Xinhua

Thank you to the artist Liu Xinhua’s writing




Feng Weidong (San Mao) 1969, Born in Beijing 1972, Emigrated with his family to Inner Mongolia1989, Till now living and working in Beijing Exhibitions *November to December, 1996 / San Mao’s Next of Kin Series / Sun Palace Studio, Beijing*November, 1996 / The Cage Equipment Performance Exhibition (Three personal exhibition) / Sun Palace Studio,         Beijing*March, 1997 / Contemporary Painting Exhibition / Qiran Hotel Gallery / Curator: Ms.Richu*September, 1997 / Open Studio Exhibition / Qinghe Studio, Beijing*April, 1999 / Starting From The China -New Art Exhibition / Design Museum, Beijing / Curator: Zhang Zhaohui*July, 1999 / Culture -Living / No. 10, Middle Street Of North Third Circles, Beijing / Curator:Li Zhenhua*September, 1999 / Beijing Art Literature Exhibition / Goethe Institute Beijing Branch / Curator: Shu Yang*July, 2000 / Human Beings And Animals / Changchun / Curator: Gu Zhenqing*August, 2000 / The first “Open” International Performance Art Festivel / Beijing / Curator: Chen Jin,Shu Yang, Zhu Ming*November, 2000 / Fuck Off / Shanghai / Curator: Ai Weiwei*June, 2002 /Art Fight Back / Hongkong / Curator: Yang Bingji*March, 2003 / Transboundary Language / Tokyo Gallery,798 Art District, Beijing / Curator: Shu Yang*September,2003 / The first “Dadao live” Art Festival / Beijing Tokyo Art Project, 798 Art District , Beijing / Promoter: Shu Yang; Curator: Wang Chuyu; Organisers: Qiao Feng,Chen Shisen, Xiang Xishi / Opening Ceremony presenter:Huang Rui*August, 2004 / The Fifith “Open” International Performance Art Festival / Tongzhou, Beijing; Tokyo Gallery,798 Art District, Beijing / Curator:Chen Jin*March, 2006 / Songzhuang Performance Art Photographs Literature Data Exhibition Live / Yixiang Gallery, 798 Art District , Beijing / Curator:Wang Chuyu*October,2006 / The fourth “Dadao live” Art Festival / South Gate Space, 798 Art District, Beijing / Director:Shu Yang / Curator: Wangchu Yu, Tang Peixian*December, 2006 / Duck farms Art Exhibition / Lama Zhuang, Beijing / Curator: Wang Chuyu*April, 2007 / The First Round “Guyu Action” Xi’an China Contemporary Performance Art Cities Union Exhibition / Fangyan Contemporary Art Space, Xi’an / Curator: Xiang Xishi, Wang Chuyu*June, 2007 / June Alliance / Songzhuang, Beijing / Curator: Wang Chuyu*June-September, 2007 / “New Photography” 10 years / Three Shadows Photography Art Center,Caochangdi Art District,Beijing / Curator:Wu Hong, Zhang Li*July, 2007 / Photography Exhibition of China Performance Art / Inter Art Center, 798 Art District , Beijing / Curator: Shu Yang*May, 2008 / The Meeting of Sichuan Province Earthquake Rescue / Three Shadows Photography Art Center,Caochangdi Art District,Beijing*April, 2009 / Thirteen do not rely on (1) / Kunming / Curator:Wen Pulin*April, 2010 / The fourth Round “Guyu Action” China Contemporary Performance Art Cities Union Exhibition / Xi’an / Curator: Xiang Xishi, Wang Chuyu, Qiao ShengXu*June, 2010 / Thirteen do not rely on (2) / Contemporary Gallery, Songnzhuang, Beijing / Curator:Wen Pulin*January, 2012 / Wanderers / Toyama, Japan / Curator:Arai Shin-ichi*August, 2012 / The Words Of The Micro-body / Xining, Qinghai / Curator:Gao Yuan, Zhang Zheng*October, 2012 / The Second Xi’an International Performance Art Festival / Xi’an / Curator:Xiang Xishi,Qiao Shengxu, Guo Qiang *May, 2013 / The seventh Round “Guyu Action” China Contemporary Performance Art Cities Union Exhibition /Xi’an, Shangnan, Beijing / Curator: Xiang Xishi, Wang Chuyu, Qiao ShengXu Exhibition Catalogs And Published Works *《Return home》Album / 1997, Beijing / Editor: Beijing Guiqulai Culture and Art Company*《Red Flag》The Third Issue Of The Journal, Beige Book / 1997, Beijing / Editor: Ai Weiwei*《Novo Nordisk China》Collection Of The Works / 1998, Beijing / Editor: Ms. Anley*《Starting From The China》Exhibition Catalogue / 1999, Beijing / Editor: Zhang Chaohui*《Culture Living》Exhibition Catalogue / 1999, Beijing / Editor: Li Zhenhua, Liu Mo*《China Action ---- Performance Art Of The 1980s To The 1990s》Album / 1999, Beijing / Editor: Wen Pulin*《Fuck Off》 Exhibition Catalogue / 2000, Shanghai / Editor: Hua Tianxue, Ai Weiwei, Feng Boyi*《Thirteen do not rely on》Exhibition Catalogue / 2009,Kun Ming / Editor: Wen Pulin* Artists’s Manual* Music Life* Beijing Youth Daily

FENG Weidong. Prophecy of a Pot. Xi'An. 2013.