Vision and continuity are both key in the artistic program of Guangzhou Live. In a continous research to find new artists and expressions of action art that meets up to its standard of quality, Guangzhou Live’s curator, has as a principle to find artists that are not only established, mid-career or emergent, but who renews themselves and takes risks with their own creation.

Following this concept, we will in this 5th edition present some  renown Chinese action artists like Xiao Lu who rised to international fame for her work Dialogue in Beijing in 1989 and who since then have continued to explore new ways and ideas in action art. Or for that matter well established artists like Li Xiaomin and Feng Weidong who both have a long experience in the field. Three renown artists from the famous East Village in Beijing in the 90’s have also accepted the invitation to come to Guangzhou Live : Cang Xin, Yingmei Duan and Zhang Binbin. All three participated in the now legendary work ”Add One Meter To An Anonymous Mountain” and have since then developed their own and very different expressions with great success. Besides these well known Chinese artists, Guangzhou Live has as its mission to give the possibility to showcase talented artists of a younger generation, and are as such pleased to present the work of Tong Wenmin and Zhang Yunfeng.

The international section of Guangzhou Live is not less exciting than the Chinese. From the Czech Republic comes two masters in action art Jiri Suruvka and Frantisek Kowolowski who with their breathtaking humour always bring performance art to ever new levels. Humour of the absurd and audience participation are also ingredients in the work of the two French artists Loïc Connanski and Patrick Jambon, who in two very different ways expresses themselves in a universal way.

There are of course many more established artists like Jozsef Juhasz from Slovakia who always creates work that makes us explore new thoughts and emotions. Or for that matter the legendary Irish artist NIgel Rolfe, who comes to Guangzhou Live for the third time. From Switzerland we will present artists that we only can imagine what they will do, exciting, invigorating and creative with different expressions that we are sure will connect with the audience, in the work of Anne Rochat, Ursula Scherrer and Nino Baumgartner. Two artists from the Netherlands have also accepted to join Guangzhou Live this year, Anet van de Elzen and Monali Meher, both with a  international experience in action art. Another artist is the German Verena Vyselka who we are sure will develop a poetic visuality where quality is present.  Another mid-career artist is Jodie Lynkechoow from the USA, who with Jamaican and Chinese origins, will speak to all of us in the universal way that only life experience can bring. Or for that matter the three artists from Scandinavia, the subtle performance-poet Mauritz Tistelö, the visually absurd Katri Kainulainen from Finland or the infatiguable dreams of Stein Henningsen from Norway.

LI Xinmo. 2008

LI Xinmo. 2008.