• Xu Xiaoqing

Xu Xiaoqing

My name is Xu Xiaoqing, a junior student from the school of Public Management, South China Agricultural University.

As an outgoing and esaygoing girl with confidence and independence,I dare to challenge myself to try new and meaningful things. I also enjoy meeting friendly and interesting people and make friends with them. Besides,I love reading and travelling. As the saying goes, soul and body, there is always one on the road.

In my opinion, art is not only something that can bring beauty to our lives, but also can make us think. Through the art, we may think of something that we never notice before in our daily life, or it will touch the bottom of our heart. Or more, it will change your mind of the life and the world. That’s the Charm of the art.

It’s my honor to be the translator volunteer of Guangzhou Live 4. Though my major is not language, I think I gain a good command of English. And I will try my best to do my job.

I am really looking forward to the Guangzhou Live 4. Let’s enjoy the art and share the art!