• Wang Yihuan

Wang Yihuan

Wang Yihuan (Gennie), a junior from Sun Yat-Sen University, majoring in Ecology, minor in French. I have been a chorus member, and once a member of Digital and Art Department of the students’ union (DNA studio), responsible for art design management. Now I’m a member of AIESEC overseas volunteers and also a freshman in learning Korean.

Art is from but beyond life, a mysterious thing that has been fascinating me for a long time. The work I did in DNA studio has given me various ideas in art design. I’ve always been eager to know more about modern art for which I started to learn French, a language that represents for me art and romance. There is no barrier in art between you and me, it’s only about doing it. For learning new languages, I think of it the best way to know more about their culture in order to figure out the true meaning hidden in their art works. That’s why I join the volunteer team of Guangzhou live 4. We are here aiming to the same goal to spread our feelings about art. I would like to invite you to our Guangzhou Live 4, a great platform of art to see and feel it for real.