• Lin Biaojie

Lin Biaojie

I’m a year 4 student from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.  Though majoring in international business and English, I have always had a passion in art.  Never having previous experience in working as an interpreter in events like Guangzhou Live, I feel nervous and excited at the same time.  To me, volunteering in Guangzhou Live serves as a wonderful opportunity to both get to know some of the brilliant thoughts of artists coming from all around the world; and to help people from within and out of the amazing city of Guangzhou understand and appreciate action art.  I have always been a firm believer in the ability of art in transcending all boundaries between different peoples.  Working as an interpreter, I really hope that I can do my best in helping lower the obstacles that lie between different cultures and see what can be produced from the clashes of the culture of Guangzhou and those from various parts of the world.