• Liang Xianna

Liang Xianna

1.Be curious and willing to face any challenges:  My passion and ambition for life makes me feel interested in this colorful world. When facing obstacles, I will never give up! It's exactly the reason why I chose Journalism and further study on literature. Also, Participating in various activities and competitions in and out of school make me feel good.

2.Knowledgeable: Besides passion for journalism, I also study Business English(international management), read books about sociology, psychology, philosophy, music and arts, which are important for being an all-around knowledgeable person.

3.A big fan of literature: I can write beautiful articles in Chinese as well as English because i am deeply influenced by the works of different authors home and abroad.

4.I learn Japanese and computer by myself and I am interested in customs and culture of different countries which makes me being fancy about art especially.