• Wu Yuxian

Wu Yuxian

Hello , I am Wu Yuxian you can also call me Makiku. I am a junior majored in Business Japanese . And I also work for design on Oiui's workshop, volunteer in Times Museum. Creating paintings under the warm sunshine, taking photoes in the open air, reading on my bed.... There are so much things I like to do in my daily life. I think people should live their own life and looking for the fun in life . And I do love to learn new things which also inspire me. So I think it is a good opportunity for me to take part in GZ LIVE. As a people who is obsessed with art, I've been paying close attention to GL4, and I am very honored to be a volunteer of GL4. For me, it is a good exercise and an opportunity to upgrade myself and foster a sense of community. I can also can learn what art is, and what new inspiration and thinking performance art can offer us. I believe I will try my best to finish this job with a strong sense of responsibility and good team-spirit. I'm confident this volunteer experience of GL4 will be a very good training and learning opportunity ! :)