• Omar GHAYATT, Switzerland

Omar GHAYATT, Switzerland

Omar Ghayatt received his B.A. in Arts and Education in 1998. An early interest in drama, combined with a strong sense for the visual, led him to develop his own characteristic blend of performance art, visual theater, and scenography.

In his performances, Ghayatt strives to present Egyptian culture in a global language of images, scenes and movements that can be broadly understood. In 2003 he received the first state prize ever awarded in Egypt for performance art. The following years, he performed in various countries such as France, Bosnia, Turkey, Korea, Sweden, Italy and Poland.

Alongside his travels, he organized a long-term project in Egypt, “Sabeel Cairo”, to promote performance art.

In 2007, Ghayatt travelled to Bern as a resident artist of Prohelvetia. In March 2008, Ghayatt started a project called “Made in Paradise”, a collaboration with the Swiss artists Yan Duyvendak and Nicole Borgeat. The performance has been shown all over Europe, at festivals such as the Zürcher Theaters pektakel, La Bâtie in Genevak until 2012.

In 2009 Ghayatt received his Master of Scenography from the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste Z_hdk. His Master thesis explored the question of cultural codes in art work. In 2010 Omar Ghayatt received a studio in the PROGR center for culture production as a grant from the city of Bern. 

Omar Ghayatt’s participation at Guangzhou Live is generously supported by Pro Helvetia, the city of Bern and the consulate general of Switzerland in Guangzhou.


Artist Statement - The Hidden Image

The theatre I practice and search for does not have anything to do with the spoken words. I search for a visual translation of our feelings, believing that the image on stage is much stronger than anything else and that theater can be universal when it employs a visual language.

With image I donʼt mean a photo or object - I mean the image I can build in the minds of the viewers. I call it the hidden image: an image you can see even you close your eyes. I try to deal with the spoken words, sounds, music and the body movements on stage as if they were visual elements.

Omar Ghayatt, Switzerland&Egypt. Gate 11. Infr'Action - Festival International d'Art Performance 2011.