• Marguerite BOBEY, France

Marguerite BOBEY, France

Lives and works in the French Jura forest.

Marguerite Bobey practices performance art since 2003 as well as various media (video, dance, concerts, installations ...).

In a mixed search she worked in poor neighborhoods, in rural France and in Africa. In her work of transdisciplinary research, she has collaborated with architects and urban planners, anthropologists, foresters, theologians, farmers, cheerleaders, and rappers ... Her purpose is to make poetry, poetry in action. She is interested in literature, the poetry of everyday life, and uses for these reasons tools of anthropology.
Bobey has several times participated in Ososphère digital art festival in Strasbourg, as well as in different performance art festivals in France and Europe. She has presented her work at the Museum of Modern Contemporary Art of Strasbourg and at the Museum of Fine Arts in Dôle, France. She has conducted residencies in Spanish villages, in the castle of Robin Hood in Nottingham, in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo ... She has made numerous collaborations with poets (Charles Pennequin Olivier Desmarais. ..) and musicians (Wen Chin Fu, Martin François Arnaud Abbati, Sébastien Lemporte ...). She has also worked in the research laboratory of the École Nationale Superieure d'Architecture de Strasbourg with architects, planners and anthropologists.

Marguerite Bobey’s participation at Guangzhou Live is generously supported by l’Institut Français, the Embassy of France in Beijing and the consulate general of France in Guangzhou.