• LIU Wei, China

LIU Wei, China

Lives and works in Chengdu.

2006 graduated from Oil Painting Department Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, Chengdu (undergraduate degree).

 2010 graduated from Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts , Chengdu (Master degree).



June 2013 The fifth Frequency Live Art (Chengdu China)

May 2013 Blue Top Art Festival

May 2013 Blue Top  Lotuspond 68#   First Young Artist in  Chengdu Multimedia Art Festival (Chengdu China)

May 2013 performance unit Hermit of Wuzhen Drama Festival   (Wuzhen Zhejiang China )

April 2013  Another Table in 1910 Contemporary Art Exhibition  (Changsha, China)

December 2012 To Be or Not To Be  Contemporary Art Exhibition (Chengdu, China)

November 2012 Myanmar International Media Art Festival (Yangon ,Myanmar)

October 2012  The second UP-ON International Live Art Festival(Chengdu)

August 2012 Inward Gazes - Documentaries of Chinese Performance Art (Macao China)

November 2011  Guangzhou International Performance Art Festival (Guangzhou China)

October 2011 Independent Common Body Art Exhibition (Chongqing China)

October 2011 Ten anniversary exhibition of Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts (Chengdu China)

August 2011 Break spring sand business exhibition(Chengdu China))

March 2011 MIPAF Macao International Live Art Festival - Asia Live Art (Macao China)

March 2011 Body Metaphor - Asian Contemporary Art Exhibition (Macao China)