• LIU Chengying, China

LIU Chengying, China

Engaged in performance art, installation art, Liu Chengying has done experiment, research and exploration of multimedia art for years. He now lives in Chengdu teaching and performing.


1995, Chengdu, the first “Water Protector” environmental art exhibition planned by Damon,

1996, Lhasa, the second “Water Protector” environmental art exhibition

Participated in the first, second and third China-Japan “Performance Art Exchange Program” activities

2000, Guangxi, “At the Turning Point of the Century- Artists-Xieyang Island-Future Lifestyles” activities,

1999, Braunschweig, Germany, “Heaven-Stone House” arts exhibition

2000, Hannover etc., in the “Chinese Festival” art tour

2002, USA, “See East and View West” comprehensive art exhibition

2002, Burlington exhibition

2005, Macau, “Chinese Art Document Exhibition”

2005, Beijing, “Dashanzi Art Festival”

2006, Beijing, Songzhuang “Performance Camp”

2006, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, “Liu Chengying Performance Art Festival- DV Show”

2007, UP-ON Live Art Space (co-builder with Zhou Bin)

2008, the Philippines, “TAMA Performance and Multimedia Art Festival”

2009, Chengdu, Chongqing, Changsha, Macau, “Celebration--The 1/6 Comments of Freedom”

2010, be part of “Frequency” plan

2011, Changsha Art Festival

2011, Macau, “MIPF Performance Art Festival”

2012, the Second UP-ON International Live Performance Art Festival (curator with Zhou Bin, Li Wen and Yan Cheng)


Translator: Zhou Mengmeng