• Johannes BLOMQVIST, Sweden

Johannes BLOMQVIST, Sweden

Born 1985, lives and works in Umeå, Sweden.

Johannes Blomqvist a performance artist and organizer that is based in Umeå where he runs the platform PAiN (Performance Art in the North), which through performance events, workshops, seminars and artist residencies works for a broadening and strenghtening of the performance art scene in northern Sweden. Important aims are the stimulation of regional and international exchanges and collaborations as well as contribution to the building of discourse around the art form. 

He has presented his work in several countries around the world like for example Brazil (Plataforma_TRAMPOLIM, Vitória/Fortaleza), Finland (New Art Contact, Helsinki), the UK (performance s p a c e , London), Portugal (Epipiderme, Lisboa) and New Zealand (Auckland Old Folks Association, Auckland). His works is often community-based, almost always site-specific and evolves often around body, history, communication and trust shaped by for example sensory experiences and story-telling.

Johannes Blomqvists’s participation at Guangzhou Live is generously supported by Konstnärsnämnden, the Artists Council, in Sweden.

Artist statement

"I love performance art. It is for real. Real emotions, real people. I also love working  with real stuff - in nature and use organic, natural material such as dirt, water and food. I love the sublime, the dressed, the grand, the festive. I love combining this with the natural. For me the site, space and context always is the starting-point for my work. And while doing it being present and trying get my audience to be that too. I want to give my audience a experience and that it include use of more than just one sense. I want to really meet them. Be in the meeting. For real.  I also try to warp the reality a bit and what I show doesn´t have to make sense."