• Andrée WESCHLER, Singapore/France

Andrée WECHSLER, France/Singapore


Lives and works in Singapore.

Andrée Weschler‘s artistic endeavours focus on using the physical body to explore the boundaries of acceptable social constructs. The performing body is used as a tool for discovery, often becoming material in itself. Her work also attempts to challenge the audience into reading her performance of bodily differences. Her art practice encompasses Performance Art, Drawings, Video Art, Photography and Installation.  Born in France, she has been living and practicing her art in Asia for more than 17 years. Her formative visual arts training were in Singapore, Australia and France. At l’École National Supérieur des Beaux-Arts in Paris, she worked in the studio of Annette Messager. Since 2000, she has been invited to participate in international art events in Asia and Europe. Since 2000, she has been invited to participate in international art events in Asia and Europe.  Her exhibition participations include The 4th Guangzhou Triennal China 2011, The  Asian Pulse 10+1 Bangkok Culture & Art Center Bangkok Thailand 2011, The National Review of Live Art Glasgow Scotland 2009, ”The Park---The Contemporary Artists in Asia 2008” Related Art Exhibition of Yokohama Art Triennale Japan 2008, Eros-Arrows by the London Biennale 2004 England, International Eco-Environment Art  Exhibition Seoul Arts Centre Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea 2002.

Artist statement :

« The saga seeds are hard, shiny, bright red in color and slightly heart shaped. We can only find these seeds in this area of the world though. They come from the Saga Seed Tree, which is commonly found in India, China and various regions of Southeast Asia.

The tree flowers twice a year. Then the tree has long green pods that grow from the branches and in the spring, the pods dry up and break open, releasing the red seeds all over the ground.
In Singapore we call them Love Seeds because of their shape and red is the color of love. When you pick them from the ground, you are also supposed to gather thoughts of the one you love. Not only children love the hard red seeds and few can resist collecting the brightly colored seeds usually littered under the tree. I was told that these beads has long been a symbol of love in China name is  相思豆  (“mutual love seed”) »

Andrée Weschler. Singapore/France. photo credit Anita Vozzi.