As an international festival of performance art Guangzhou Live doesn’t have to prove its viability. We know where we are, we know who we are and we know where we are going. Yet another year we present artists that belong to different generations, that represent different tendencies or movements, yet keeping the artistic level high. This is how Guangzhou Live operates, which means that the selection is always conscious and selective. This is where the festival makes its mark.

If last years Guangzhou Live focused on artists from Beijing, we will in this 4th edition focus on artists from the Sichuan province and especially Chengdu with its very strong tradition in performance art. With excellent, yet different and transgressing artists like Zhou Bin, Xing Xin, Liu Wei, Liu Chengying, and Wu Chengdian. Of course artists from other parts of China will also be showcased like Bai Chongming, Dong Jinling and Liu Chengrui from Beijing.

One of the founding principles of Guangzhou Live is to present this vitality of chinese performance art within its international context. Which is why we also do our best to bring some of the most renowned international artists. Like in this fourth edition where you can encounter some legendary artists like Nigel Rolfe (Ireland), Julien Blaine (France), Tanya Mars (Canada), or for that matter Roi Vaara (Finland) as well as other outstanding and renowned artists like John Court (UK/Finland), Regina Frank (Germany), Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (Denmark) and Omar Ghayatt (Switzerland). Not to forget the excellent German artist of chinese origin Yingmei Duan, who this year is on our poster. We are of course also very pleased to be able to present emergent artists from a younger generation which we know will surprise and convince the audience with their energy, poetry, professionalism and passion.

You can explore the full line-up of artist with more and conclusive information on your left.

Bjørn Venø. Norway. Living the Dream. Infr'Action 9 - Festival International d'Art Performance. September 2013. Photo : Roland von der Emden.