• Wu Xinyue

Wu Xinyue


Luna WU Xinyue, a senior student from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS), majoring in both Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and English Translation and Interpreting. Interpreter of EIC 2012 International Education Expo and the 112th Canton Fair, program leader and teacher of GDUFS Volunteer Chinese Teacher Program. Now a member of GDUFS iDeal Translation Group, and has already been admitted by the School of Translation and Interpreting of GDUFS as a Master candidate in English Interpreting.


Art has always been fascinating to me. I feel like I am the happiest person in the world when I am in galleries or art museums. Sometimes I may not understand what the artworks are conveying, but I already feel very happy and exciting simply touching or looking at those artworks. If you truly love someone, you will definitely do something unconditionally for the person. It is the same when it comes to my love for art. That’s why I join the volunteer team of Guangzhou Live 3. Art is not luxury, far away from us, high beyond reach. Everyone can feel it, have it and share it. I would like to invite you to our Guangzhou Live 3 to see the action art performed by the invited artists. An amazing experience is waiting for you. Let’s make art part of our lives.