• Wu Donghui

Wu Donghui


Wu Donghui (Daisy), a junior from Sun Yat-sen University majoring in English, volunteers as a translator and interpreter of Guangzhou Live.

As a girl used to be a flute learner and painting learner, since childhood Daisy has been exposed to an atmosphere of art. Growing up, she became interested in singing and acting. Entering university she has been a chorus member and a cheer leader on campus. The plentiful experiences related to recreational activities have given Daisy a lot of ideas about the concept of ART.

“I always regret that I didn’t enter the circle of art. It is a great appeal but mystery to me. I used to recognize the art as singing or dancing or a piece of painting that was very close to us. But later on I found the art something I couldn’t touch or feel because it was loaded with too much meaning. The Guangzhou Live is an excellent platform for me to connect myself with a professional and avant-garde event of art. Maybe it’s also a great opportunity for me to explore the deep meaning of art, which is as the saying goes, from but beyond life.”