• Li Jiehuan

Li Jiehuan


Li Jiehuan (Ariel Li)

As an open, out-going and optimistic girl, I like challenging myself. My name is Li Jiehuan, I come from Sun Yat Sen’s University and my major is English. I’m very happy and honored to join the volunteer team of Guangzhou Live. I like travelling, reading, listening to music and making friends. I’m creative, and I like challenging as well as accepting new things. I have done similar interpretation work in EIC, so I’m confident of finishing the assigned work well.

After taking the course of Creative Writing in sophomore year, I learn what performance art is. It derives from life, and it’s kind of abstract artistic behavior, using body to express a kind of art or topic. Through learning from Professor Dai Fan’s experience travelling around the world, we explore the beauty of art, as well as being impressed by the profound art. As for performance art, my understanding is that it conveys a topic, by coordinating body with time and space. I hope to find self- fulfillment and my value through volunteering and make more friends.