• Bai Yang

Bai Yang


My name is Bai Yang, an English major from School of Foreign Languages, Sun Yat-sen University. It is my honor to be a volunteer in the Translation & Interpretation group in the third Guangzhou Live International Action Art Festival. I am an outgoing and humorous girl who likes singing and performance. I have learned the accordion and guitar, and been in the dancing club of SYSU. The past volunteer experiences let me know that the charisma of volunteer service lies in the combination of helping the society and recognizing one’s self-worth. Therefore, I will spare no efforts to contribute myself to the Festival.

As an English major, I regard languages as something similar with arts—both of them include the creation, expression, delivery and reception of certain message. I sincerely hope that the communication platform established by the Translation & Interpretation volunteers could be helpful in passing the Festival’s energy to the audience!