• Zhou Xue

Zhou Xue


My hometown,Ningxia, is an autonomous region in northwest China. It boasts of natural resources and is also rich in cultural and tourism resources.

I am an outgoing, candid girl of the Han nationality. Drawing, paper-cutting and all kinds of ball games are my hobbies. When I go to an art exhibition and look at art works, I concentrate on them as if my mind had been fully occupied. But when I am in the playground, I become an energetic girl, cooperating with my teamates in playing games.

I a student from Sun Yet-sen University, majoring in clinical medicine. It's a great pleasure for me to be a volunteer in Guangzhou Live3. Now I can contribute to promoting the art activitiy that I love. The Guangzhou Live3 has a big family of volunteers who are all good teamates. I would take every opportunity to learn from others and do my best in my volunteer work!