• REN Qian, China

REN Qian, China


Born in 1971, lives and works in Chongqing. Ren Qian graduated from the Teaching Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. Since 1999 he has been working with different media across multiple disciplines. His works include action art, installation, photography, sound art and video. He has realized more than 20 action art works and another 20 installations. He has participated in many national and international art shows and was furthrmore the curator of contemporary art shows like  “Traverse” and “Dumb” in Chongqing.  Ren Qian was also invited to be a resident at the Chinese Art Center, Manchester in 005. He was awarded the Antony Gormley Foundation prize by in 2006. He has also received a special award by ProArt Germany and BananaPark Gallery for his video work “Water” in 2009.

He has collaborated with many artists from China and abroad. He has also participated in numerous Art Exhibitions and Performance Art festival (such as the Contemporary Chinese Art Biennial in Montpellier, France, "Archaeology of the Future", Nanjing Triennial, Documentary Exhibition of Chinese Performance Art, Sino-Japan Performance Art Exchange Exhibition, VITAIL International Performance Arts Festival, UP-ON international Performance Arts Festival). His work focus on notions like life and death, power, freedom, space and ultimate questions confronted by human beings. He is trying to explore how the Chinese pioneering arts and artists could break through the boundaries and go from underground to public, and also the comparison between local experience and the trend of globalization.

Meanwhile, focus has been given to the artists' action and choice for the confusion to their own experience and social reality, especially under the circumstance that the performance arts has been rejected by the mainstream culture and misunderstood by the general public.

Ren Qian, China. Hello 2012. © Ren Qian.