• Mi ANDER, Germany

Mi ANDER, Germany


Born in 1967, lives and works in Berlin

Restless and somehow in slow motion, Mi Ander is working within different coherences, such as a sculptor, stage designer and action artist. In 2011 he took part at Infraction Venezia, a performance festival in Venice. This year at Guangzhou Live he will show a three part performance, dealing in the same time with being a stranger, for his first time in China, and BEING PRESENT (in CHINA). Born in the South-West of Germany he is living in Berlin since 1989. Mi Ander works here and abroad. Restless and effortless.

Please visit Mi Anders website.

Mi Ander is presented with the generous support of the Goethe Institute, Hong Kong.

Yingmei Duan and Mi Ander, Germany. Passing by. Infr'Action Venezia 2011. June 4 2011. Photo credit : Wen Yau.