• DU Liang, China

DU Liang, China


Born in Jingmen, Hubei provicnce. Lives and works in Guangzhou.

Du Liang graduated in 1989 from Shashi Arts and Crafts College of Hubei Province. He has been working as an art teacher in Jingmen and at the Guangdong Museum Training Center. Du has been active as a performance artist since 2002, and have studied its means of expression as well as its relation to childrens art education. In  2006, he has founded “Unlimited Thought·Du Liang (Guangzhou) Children's Studio” which he has been operating independently. Du was featured at Guangzhou Live 2 in 2011. Following his succesful work at GL 2, he was invited to participate in Infr’Action Paris and Live Action in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2012.

DU Liang, China. Live Action. Gothenburg 2012. © Jonas Stampe & Live Action.