• Dorothéa SEROR, Germany

Dorothéa SEROR, Germany


Lives and works in Munich.

Dorothea Seror studied painting and worked as a dancer. In her performances she combines the physical experiences of the body with  aesthetically composed installations. She incorporates her immediate surrounding and the social and political state of the venue in her performance concepts.
The visitor becomes a part of her performance too. The artists body functions as a tool and an object, but it also stands vicariously for needs and issues of everyone. Often the artist uses material on and with her body, which stays afterwards as a leftover installation.

Her approach is provoking. Because of her own emotional attachment, the performances are also easy to understand for people, who are not performance art insiders. Her intention is to show issues from political, social and ecological interests by empathetic actions and powerful pictures.

She is also the founder of several collaborative art groups like SaDo, apfel ypsilon and WHITE MARKET. Seror has also been the curator of several exhibitions and festivals and have participated as an artists in festivals and events all over Europe.


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Dorothea Seror. Germany. Buddha's waiting. © Anna Fiore.