• Analia BELTRAN I JANES, Spain



Lives and works in Madrid.

Analía Beltrán i Janés is a graduate in fine arts from the Complutense University of Madrid. She works with video and photography and, since 2001 in the field of action art, in which her main activity is focused. She has participated in festivals such as Acción!08MAD in Madrid, the X Havana Biennal (Cuba), Infr'action 09 in Séte (France), Ebent 2010 (Barcelona), E`pipiderme, 2010 (Lisboa), Infr'action Venice 2011, Perfomedia 2011 and 2012 in Bergamo and Venice, Italy, Dimanche Rouge (Dic, 2011) Paris, behind others. She lives in Madrid where, in a variety of different spaces, most of her work in action art is conducted: Artenaccion, Espacio Espora, Festival “Reformance”, Espacio Menosuno, etc..

Owing to her training in the visual arts, her work in performance arises out of a need to eliminate the artistic object in order to create a more direct exchange between the public and herself, frequently involving direct audience participation. She tries to make the work aesthetically simple, by using everyday objects infused with an important symbolic charge.

She wants the spectator to clearly perceive the message that she seeks to transmit; or rather, more than that, she hopes that her work provokes feelings that are within everybody’s grasp, whether or not they are familiar with the artistic references, that the work is open to an additional, more complex, level of interpretation. This second level is where the influences of her performances are revealed; in general, in poetry, songs and traditional stories, as well as issues that concern her in her own social circumstances, particularly those related to questions of gender. Her performances focus upon notions of her identity as a woman, as spanish and also as human being in society. They are also concerned with violence and the play of power in our society.

Performance: “DO I WANT TO BE BLONDE?”

“Space and time are those elements that configure both action art itself and the collective experience that results from it. In themselves these elements are not absolute realities but offer a symbolic construction where social cohabitation is produced.

We currently live in a conjuncture or a process in which space is understood in different ways. On one level globalisation leads us towards a rupture of borders with respect to social relations, a view supported by computer networks that help create a new concept of space disconnected from place. On another level nationalism interprets space in terms of physical location, a territory surrounded by frontiers. The dialectic between these two conceptions of space is one of the themes of my action, because in spite of globalisation stereotypes persist and in doing so create borders that purport to protect us from the other, that construct false taxinomies that pidgeonhole and label foreigners as different.”

Analìa Beltrán i Janés.

Analìa Beltrán i Janés is presented with the generous support of the  Ministry of Education and Culture of Spain.