It goes without saying that Guangzhou Live will renew its artistic program each year. In bringing to Guangzhou approximately 30 artists from more than 15 countries. Once more we will be able to present some of the most interesting artists from the international scene.

It is also true that many artists wants to come to Guangzhou Live, since it today is the leading action art event in the Pearl River Delta and one of the main action art festivals in China and in Asia.

Although we at this point are not publishing the complete list of artists that will come to Guangzhou, we are very happy to announce that the legendary and historic action artist Nigel Rolfe will participate in Guangzhou Live with the financial support of Culture Ireland. Rolfe is maybe one of the most distinguished artists on the action art scene today. His work is strong yet subtle which we all will be able to experience in this year edition.

More participating artists will be announced on this page in due time. So stay tuned. We already have confirmed artists coming from besides China also the USA, Canada, Korea, the Philippines, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Singapore, Poland and Denmark.


Zhu Ming. China. March 9 2003. Sydney, Australia.