Guangzhou Live is with this third edition entering a new phase in its development. We will not try to become bigger or better, which also will prove to be difficult. But rather to be humble and stay on a human scale.

Each edition of GL can only be different from earlier ones. However, we can improve other parts of the event. This year for instance, we have the ambition to work more and closer with the audience.  This springs from the massive audience presence at GL 2, and the many questions that were raised during the discussions which were organised.  

This is an important qualitative aspect of how to mediate or create a dialogue around the presented works. But also of how to bring an understanding of action art and its intrinsic qualities. We will as such set up a weekly Open Dialogue program, which will start two weeks before the festival At these the audience will find some Guangzhou based artists as well as the GL curator Jonas Stampe as dialogue sparring partners.

During GL 3 we will schedule open discussions on action art in the evenings after the live works, but also a Meet the artist point in the mornings where the audience can speak, meet and exchange with an artist on a more informal level at the café of the YouYou Contemporary Art Centre.

After GL 3 we will continue with a number of open discussions and lectures on action art and its implications and position in contemporary art internationally and in China at the YouYou Contemporary Art Centre. GL will continue its human scale approach. It is intrinsic with the art form we present and with the artists we showcase, and of course with the people it is shown to.

This years edition will further feature a studio program of workshops and critical analysis of action art. This studio program, iLAS Guangzhou, which is organised in cooperation with and at the YouYou Contemporary Art Centre will be open to art students who can enter the program after the acceptance of their application. (for more information, pls see iLAS below).

Another new but maybe less visible part of GL 3 is the cretion of a writers studio, for which GL 3 is cooperating with the Sun Yat-sen University's creative writing study program. On how to write on action art.

We hope that these different extra-artistic aspects of the festival will give it an even broader scope and give the audience tools to appreciate this specific field of contemporary art which is action art.


Nigel Rolfe, Ireland. Warsaw Red. 2012. © Nigel Rolfe.