• Saturday December 3

12 月3日 星期六



VENUE : Youyou Gallery

13:00 HE Yun-chang, China. Dialogue with water. (video)

14:00 SHU Yang, China. Guangzhou-Live 11. Archaeological excavation site.

14:45 Peter ROSVIK, Finland. Untitled.

15:30 Monali MEHER, the Netherlands. Mass.

16:15 Dominic THORPE, Ireland. Untitled.

17;00 Valentin TORRENS. Spain. Untitled.

17:45 LEE Wen, Singapore. Stories from lucid dreaming in the reverie of the real.

Monali Meher. the Netherlands / India. Reverse, Rewind, Replay: 7 acts from the past, NRLA, Live Art Festival, Glasgow, 2007. © Darshana Vora.