The program of the second edition of Guangzhou Live 11 will be intense, exciting and invigorating. Presenting as many as 30 innovative action artists from 17 countries realizing works live that will surprise and captivate an audience sensible for what is new and avant-garde.

Starting out with two days of lectures at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (November 28-29, 9 am-8 pm) by Marilyn Arsem, USA; Roddy Hunter, United Kingdom, Julien Blaine, France, Mina Cheon, South Korea, Valentin Torrens, Spain, Tomas Ruller, Czech Republic and Huang Rui, China, followed by a three-day workshop (Nov.30-Dec. 2, 9-12 am.) produced by Performance Art Studies, we are quite sure that knowledge, openness and innovation will be at hand for the audience.

With the action art festival itself with more than 40 works being presented live at the Youyou Gallery and outdoors in Xiaozhou village, we are more than convinced that most people will find works that they can appreciate, that can give them new ideas, new images and new experiences.

Yes, each day will be a new experience for the art lovers who comes to visit Guangzhou Live 011. Beside the artists works, the audience will also have the opportunity to participate in discussions, workshops and listen to lectures. And of course also to meet the artists over a cup of tea.

Guangzhou Live 11 will be a festival on a human scale, where the proximity to the artists and their work, with the other, has as its mission to create a bridge between art and life. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, to approach the artists present, to understand what their work is all about. But first you have to feel and think.


Stein Henningsen. Norway. Untitled. Guangzhou Live 2010. © Ge Zheng.