We are very pleased for the extraordinary media attention that Guangzhou Live succeeded to attract. Six television stations were present at the opening and three of the major newspapers of Guangzhou were there to cover the festival, each with more than 1 million readers. But also a large number of different publications and websites magazines. Below follows a list of the media covering Guangzhou Live 11.



Guangzhou TV. Modern. Links here, here and here (in Cantonese).

Guangzhou TV News. Link here (in Cantonese).

Guangzhou TV English News. Link here (in English).

TV South. Link here.

Phoenix Television

Guangdong TV News

Guangdong TV



Yangcheng Evening News. (1,170,000 copies). Link here and here.

Information Times (1,480,000 copies). Link here.

Guangzhou Daily (1,680,000 copies). Link here.

China Daily. Link here.

ARTRON. Links here and here.

Chinese Contemporary Art Network. Links here and here.

YOHO. Links here and here。

EXPRESS. Links here and here.

Epaper XKB. Links here and here. :

Eastday, Link here.

Guangdong Cultural Network. Links here, here and here, and here.

People. Link here.

Art Link Art. Llink here.

Jinyang. Link here.

CQ News. Link here.

SOHU Links here and here, and here.

China National Radio News. Links here and here.

99Ys.com Links here and here.

Community China. Link here.

Qianlong News. Link here.

Guangdong Art Network. Link here.

Live Music Station in Guangdong. Link here.

Phoenix Television website. Link here.

Ningxia Culture Channel News. Link here.

Chusan News. Link here.


Roddy Hunter. United Kingdom. Opium Dept. Guangzhou Live. November 30 2012. © Guangzhou Live