• Marcel SPARMANN, Germany

Marcel Sparmann, Allemagne


Born in 1978, lives and works in Hildesheim.

I want an empty word to fill“is an impaired vision which takes place in a shared space between the performer and the audience. I want to question the disturbing moment of radicalness without spelling outs. The french philosopher Jacques Rancière uses the term of aesthetic landscapes to map a space for the unutterable, inaudible and the infeasible, which leads to self-conception. So, what could a personal or intimate radicalness means beyond the known political or religious correlations? What does it mean to step out of a system, also in respect to the relationship between the performer and the audience? And how is it possible to reach the poetic dimension of it?

By combining fragile and fugacious material like frosted glass bowls, milk, words or fire with a strong physical exposed body, I am focus on the notions of change/exchange, active participation and witnessing. It is the permanent research for an empty word and the ways to let it grow in individual mind, to find out the poetic space of transcient cited ideas. It’s could be understood as a permanent flow of construction and deconstruction between the performer and the audience.

Marcel Sparmann. Germany, Seanahak III. Haapsalu. 2001. © Marcel Sparmann.