• LIU Wei, China

Liu Wei, China


2006. Graduated by bachelor from Chengdu Art College with major of Oil Painting

2010. Graduated by postmaster from Chengdu Sichuan Music College with major of Oil Paintiung

2010. The fist new stars art festival

2010. Changchun, The Third Experimental Workshop Exhibition

2009. Chengdu Action Art Annual Meeting

Oct.2008. Chongqing, the Second International Action Art Festival

Oct.2008. The First UP-ON International Action Art Festival

Sep.2008.The Fourth “Farmer Street” Contemporary Art Exhibition

The First Open Exhibition of the North Village Area

Apr.2008. Xi’an, “Gu Yu Action” China Contemporary Action Art City Joint Exhibition

Nov.2007. The Third Sino-Japanese Action Art Exchange Program Exhibition in Chengdu

June.2006. The Third “Farmer Street” Contemporary Art Exhibition

June.2006. Sino-Japanese Action Art Exchange Tour in Chengdu

Apr.2006. “Revival Renaissance” Art Exhibition

Dec.2005. “Non-Definition” Contemporary Art Exhibition

Sep.2005. “Exsistence State” Contemporary Art Exchange Activities

Apr.2005. “@41” Sustained Guess Action Art Week Exhibition

Oct.2004. The Second “Farmer Street” Contemporary Art Exhibition

Nov.2003. The First “Farmer Street” Contemporary Art Exhibition


Liu Wei. China. Lighter than a goose feather. 2005.