• LEE Wen, Singapore

Lee Wen, Singapore


Lee Wen lives between Singapore and Tokyo. He has been exploring different strategies of time-based and Performance art since 1989. His work has been strongly motivated by social investigations as well as inner psychological directions using art to interrogate stereotypical perceptions of culture and society. He seeks possibilities of collaborations, networks and dialogical discourses. He is a contributing factor in The Artists Village alternative in Singapore and had been participating in Black Market International Performance Collective. He initiated and organized "The Future of Imagination", an international Performance art event in Singapore. He has never been to Mongolia.

An attempt at reaching out to understand the roots of one’s present conditions by acknowledging the impossibility of going into the historical past be it personal or social and yet one is unable to cut our ties with them completely. The artist resort to poetry or songs of performative spontaneity based on lucid dreams in the reverie of the real, his self therapy on a failed life of ultra idealism collapsing into trivial abjection.


Lee Wen. Journey of a yellow man no.16: southern man, northern exposure. Copenhagen City Square, "Made in China", Louisiana Museum of Art, Denmark. 25 May 2007.