• Dominic THORPE, Ireland

Dominic Thorpe, Ireland


Born in 1975, lives and works in Dublin

He has shown work nationally and internationally including Infr'Action performance art festival Venice 2011, Inbound Bergen Museum of Art Norway 2010, Due Process II (with Sandra Johnston) The Third Space Gallery Belfast 2011 and Video Killed the Radio Star Royal Hibernain Academy Dublin 2009. He has had solo shows at the 126 Gallery Galway 2010, the Mermaid Arts Centre Bray 2010 and The Courthouse Arts Centre Tinaheally, Wicklow 2009. In 2010 he co-curated the landmark Irish performance art exhibition RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW at Kilmainham Jail Dublin. He works from Dublin where he also continues to develop collaborative work with the performance Collective - www.theperformancecollective.com. To date he has received bursaries from the Arts Council of Ireland, Culture Ireland and the Kildare County Council. 

Dominic Thorpe graduated from the National College of Art and Design with an MA in 2006 having previously received a degree and diploma in Fine Art from the Galway Mayo Institute of Technology. By employing various media including , performance, video, photography, installation and sound recording his work investigates male identity which he identifies through ideas of private and public struggle. By drawing on context and collaborative based processes his recent work has explored the building of relationships with individuals and communities through making and positioning work in different areas of Dublin where suicide rates among young people are high and constant.

”I explore various elements of performance as a visual art form - Body, Material, Duration, Subject and Context. Performance art deals with presence and experience at the moment of encounter, both for the artist and audience. Presence, experience and encounter are crucial to understanding. I look to the potential of artistic process as a way of understanding and responding to issues of silence, power and vulnerability. Creating artwork is a way of not remaining silent - of not adding to silence.”

Dominic Thorpes work explores presence, experience and encounter as being crucial to understanding and is particularly interested in the potential of artistic process as a means of understanding and responding to issues of individual and collective silence.

You can visit Dominic Thorpe's website here.

Dominic Thorpe. Ireland. Untitled. The Performance Collective. Broadcast Gallery. Dublin. Ireland. 2011. Photograph by Joseph Carr.