• Chuyia CHIA, Singapore

Chuyia Chia, Singapore


Born in 1970, lives and works in Gothenburg and Singapore.

Chuyia Chia holds a BA from the Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia. She majored in painting, but her explorations led her to installation and performance art. Her performance work has been presented at various international festivals in China, Singapore, Thailand, France, Sweden and Ireland.

”We are all familiar with environmentally harmful activities and man-made disasters. Recent examples include oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico, in China’s Dalian Ganjunzi Bay, and in the Arabian sea near Mumbai, India. In Malaysia, citizens are fighting to stop the development of a coal-fired power plant they believe will be harmful to the local rain forest and the water ecology. Who is responsible for the environmental disasters that pollute the food chain? Where is our security? What are our rights? And, what is our choice?”


Chuyia Chia. Malaysia. Viscosity. Malamut Festival. Czech Republic. 2011. ©