It goes without saying that Guangzhou Live will renew its artistic program each year. This is why only three artists from last year’s edition will be present in this second edition. In bringing to Guangzhou 30 artists from 17 countries, we are confident that this international avant-garde of contemporary art will spark and invigorate a poetic understanding of our time, and of ourselves.

We are sure that the audience will be passionately engaged in an experience that goes far beyond the mainstream. There is no need to highlight any artist in particular since they all are on the same level of artistic quality,

However, some of the highlights in the festival of Guangzhou Live is the legendary American artist Marilyn Arsem who is featured with a work on this years poster. Besides being one of the most important international artists in the field, Ms. Marilyn Arsem is also Head of the department of action art at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. An artist and theorician Marilyn Arsem is never repeating any of her works, it is always new and original proposing a vision that is profoundly humble and human.

Another highlighted artist at this second edition of Guangzhou Live is the French outstanding avant-garde poet and artist Julien Blaine, who has a long standing relation with China and its contemporary art scene. He was involved with the Chinese avant-garde art scene as early as 1979, when he got acquainted and became a friend with the group of artists in Beijing known as the Stars group led by Huang Rui. He is also the first foreigner who highlighted Chinese contemporary art and poetry through a publication which was published in 1981, Poésie et Art en Chine : les Non-Officiels.

Finally the historic leader of the Beijing based Stars Group, Huang Rui, will be present at Guangzhou Live. As one of the legendary avant-garde artists in China it is a privilege for us to present a personality that have been committed to pure art and its development since the late 70’s.



 He Chengyao. China. Untitled. Guangzhou Live 2010.