The second edition of Guangzhou Live will take place from November 28 to December 4 2011. It will start with a 2 day seminar section at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art which will discuss issues concerning pedagogy and action art by some of the most important artists and professors in the field. This lecture program will be followed by three days of workshops produced by Performance Art Studies open for students at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.

Beside this academic part of Guangzhou Live which will take place in partnership with Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, works of live action will be presented at the Youyou Gallery in the village of Xiao Zhou during  5 days, from Wednesday November 30 to Sunday December 4 starting at 2 pm. Like last year we will present a selection of some of the most inspiring and important action artists on the international scene.

Guangzhou Live is here and now, it is ephemeral, and it will present an art form where mind and body are ONE. Visual poetry mixed with life, expressed by artists with one motivation, that of being avant-garde and true to their art and to themselves. The criterias of the artistic selection at Guangzhou Live 11 are as Jonas Stampe, its curator, puts it ”artistic excellence, courage, authenticity, presence, and originality".


Roi Vaara. Finland. Dark Matter. Guangzhou Live 2010. © Luo Ming.