• Minli Huang

Minli Huang


Minli Huang is a student from Guangdong University of foreign studies, majoring in regional economics. She is always enthusiastic in taking part in socially useful activities. Now she is a member of a national commonweal project for establishing community library in different cities in China. She is charge of a community library in Xiaozhou Village which is famous for its long history and cultural tradition in Guangzhou. Besides, she worked as a booth interpreter in the 107th and 108th China import and export fair in 2010. She served for hundreds of foreign buyers during the fair.

She is a transportation guide volunteer in Guangzhou Live 2010.

I love to take part in kinds of art and culture activities, such as seeing the exhibitions and attending art salons, to experience and search for what art means to me. I pay great attention to the interaction in art activities, because I think it will be more fascinating if audience can play a role in a piece of art work. I am looking forward to this Guangzhou Live action art festival and believe it will give audience fresh interaction experience.