• Jinxin Yang

Jinxin Yang


Makiyo Yang, who now is a year-3 student from the Jinan University, will be the transport guiding volunteer in” Guangzhou Live”. She majors in English literature and culture, and had already past TEM 4. She has played jazz drum for a couple of years, and had achieved a grade-nine certification from Central Conservatory of Music outside the school. She used to give a few percussion instrument performances in Guangzhou Xinghai Concert Hall. During her high school time, she used to be a good leader of Entertainment Department of the school student union. As well, she had won several prices in school singing competitions.


“This is my first time to participate in this type of festival and my first time as being a volunteer, I feel especially excited. Because my family members are all big fans in art (different kinds of art), I was fascinated by it since I was a child. Painting, music, and even dance, I am not good at them all, but at least I tried them all. As I am getting more and more mature, I am much broader exposure to the arts: books, films, exhibitions ... ... I think I'm more and more indulge in this world. In my opinion, a true artist has a pair of sharp eyes and an authentic heart, even if they do not behave with dignity and honor. I think they are really good people. They can catch the beauty while ordinary people always ignore. I adore them from the bottom of heart. I came to Guangzhou Live, and honored to be one of a staff member, I hope I can see more, learn more and feel more personally. Perhaps my goal in life will be clearer; my eye sight will be more bright and staunch.”