• Hongtao Zhang



Zhang Hongtaovolunteer photographer of the“Guangzhou·live” Art festival, who is a student of South China Agricultural University and the ex-chairman of the students’ photography association. And he is known of devoting to the career of documentary photography.

Zhang Hongtao has interned as a reporter of Shaoguan Daily and photo editor of the Xinhua News Agency. His art criticism won the Newspaper Supplement Prize of China 2005. He had interviewed a Yao’s tribe village and the Chinese Great Spring Festival’s Transportation for months. His documentary photography of The Fading Ening was exhibited in the South China Documentary Photography Exhibition 2010 in Guangzhou, and the Blow Up International Photo Exhibition in Bombay India


I felt the limitation of literature and photography years ago. When I got in touch of contemporary-arts such as action art and installation art, I fell in love with it completely. I think these types of art style might be my language in the near future. I am glad to have the honor to be the photographer of Guangzhou·live art festival to learn the way approaching new ways of expressing, and what more important is to take good records for the artist’s works during the festival.