• Ge Zeng

Ge Zeng


I live in the "Guangzhou 2010" as a photographer. My profession is Art History from Guangzhou Academy of Fine art.

From an early age to follow parents repeatedly throughout re-transcribed, shooting, there is a wide range of rich folk characteristic scenery and landscape photos, record in the main theme, human, scenery, essay type. Won the provincial University photo competition Awards, there are a number of photographic work in newspapers and magazines published. Photographs of the weekend's University campus, the youth flying  published in the press photo tutorial (XieLin, China Photography press 2009.1); in-school period, the youth flying get the Guangdong fresh air — towards Asian calligraphy competition first prize for photography; works on behalf of the school  for games of 2009 Guangdong University newspaper" good news "of the picture class award. In-school period, as school propaganda department Deputy Head of the press corps. 


Having the honour as the Festival of photography volunteer, I look forward to this "Guangzhou ·Live" Festival of the arrival of artists from around the world, use pioneer of performance art, bring us bursting Visual stimuli and ideas. I always look forward to performance art can be cumbersome philosophical concept or the present era of catastrophe, to intuitive behavior render, highlight the practical significance. At the same time, I very much hope that the only time, and everyone happy.