• Oushu Lin

Oushu Lin


   Here comes Miss Sunshine.

   Born as the bright summer flowers,died as the quiet beauty of autumn leaves. This is the life what I deeply want. 

   My name is Lin oushu,a girl from Music Administration, XingHai Conservatory. I will be one of the site coordinator in Guangzhou Live this December. I met Guangzhou Live by accident, but the truth is we have some connections, one thing bring us together. I believe that will be passion. I’m young, I want to broaden my horizon, and one day, a door to modern art has opened to me. I so lucky and I swear I will devote all I have to support the manager and serve the audience.

   I hope this journey will take me to another world that I have never been before, I want to get more fertilizer to become a brilliant sun flower.