• Yin Zhao

Akame Zhao


Zhao Yin, a student of Guangdong University of Technology, English major. As one of the founders of Press Service of the Foreign Language School, she served as the Minister of the Technology Department and Propaganda Department. Also she is a editor of the school gazette. She goes in for hand-making and ACG, and shows a curiosity. Her hobby is karate and now preparing for the test of getting the black belt.

Personal honor:

2007 Silver Medalist of Kumite Fight of the Sixth China Wado Karate National Competition

2009 Medal of Distinction of the China Wado Karate Association

2009 Champion of Kumite Fight and Third Prize of Kata, of the First Mass Karate Competition of Guangdong Province

I’m a volunteer of the Network Editorial Department, in charge of the Back-state management and information update of Guangzhou Live Network. Beforetime I  have worked as volunteer of geracomium, Rehabilitation Centre for the Blind, family inn, and voluntary teacher of the primary school. But it’s my first time to serve such an Art Festival. In China, Action Art is still limited to a small group of audience, and even regarded as extreme. It’s a great honor to be one of Guangzhou Live and the preparatory work is a challenge. I will try my best to make the Guangzhou Live and Action Act well known by more people.