• Ling Zhang

Ling Zhang


Nickname Ling,many loving,wide range of interests,like making friends,love travelling. Understand a little bit of writing, photography, calligraphy and guitar. Participated in soccer, served as moderator, did cappuccino coffee.

Voluntary work:

"Young Instructor" of Guangzhou Children's Welfare Society;

Volunteer of "Welcome the Olympics, advocating environmental protection" bike riding activities;

Teacher of Yingshan village primary school, Shaoguan City;

Salesclerk of Dengying Coffee shop;

Volunteer of Asian Games baseball stadium;

And now, at "Guangzhou live"


I am in the editorial department as a network volunteer in the "Guangzhou @ live". Having tried many things, I still lack in art. In order to consummate oneself, realize the related artistic small ideal, I should learn more from "Guangzhou @ live". I Hope this participation can break through the present situation, and help me find a new way.