• Hongnan Piao

Hongnan Piao


I am the volunteer of the “Guangzhou Live” art festival web edit department. In 2007, I was a volunteer of the Sixth Asian Winter Games, now I am working as a volunteer in the Media Center of Guangzhou Asian Games.

As an English language and literature student, it is delightful to have this opportunity to work in “Guangzhou Live “art festival. From a journalist of the school student union to a chief editor of the school foreign languages newspaper, I always have a dream to do some job about media. Although behavior art is a new thing for me, I hope I can learn more things about behavior art and make more and more Guangzhou people can get closed to behavior art.

In my opinion, Guangzhou is a commercial city; economy is more prosperous than cultural. Busy life makes people have no time to enjoy the happiness of art. Guangzhou people reckon that art is far from them and have no idea art can light their unconscious passion of life. I will spare no effort to make more people know about “Guangzhou Live “art festival, and also it is a festival of artists from different countries,a festival to make people touch art and collide with art.